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Featured Website

Visit were in need of a site that is highly configurable and updatable in an ongoing and consistent fashion, Rusware implemented a version of their Website Content Management System to support these changes as well as a customised application for the updating of interest rates in a non complicated and automated fashion.

The website makes extensive use of URL Rewriting, allowing all the major search engines to have friendly links to their site.

There is also a variety of Web 2.0 features built into the website making this one of the most cutting edge sites in the market place.

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Featured Product

E-Commerce and Website Content Management

This is a tried and tested product that allows the management of both an e-commerce website (products, categories, etc..), with the power of a content management system.

Allowing complete management of all pages within a site including, menu management, category management, articles and events, membership and member notifications. The content can be stored in a number of formats if required the default being in HTML or PDF.

This product can be integrated into any existing website look and feel, or we can create a new look and feel for you, that maximises your brands potential.
Top Products
A selection of custom created products available for sale

Point of Sale
A full featured point of sale system, with a web based management tool, allowing you to manage and report on the progress of your retail business from anywhere.

Kitchen Screen
Use in a kitchen to allow your kitchen staff to keep up with orders.

Customer Display
Open a world of new possibilities, advertise products and specials anytime.

Usage Meter
For Telstra ADSL Customers
Check you bandwith anytime with this tray tool that allows you to view your current available and used bandwidth.

Automatic Update Wrapper
Simply and easily add automatic updates to your existing or new application with this easy to use wrapper.


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